5 - Releasing a PR2 ROS Package

Clone the PR2's ROS repository located at

 cd ~ && git clone

rosinstall all the packages

 cd pr2_developer_kit
git checkout hydro-devel
rosinstall .

Go to whatever package you choose, but in this example I will use the pr2_gripper_sensor package.

cd pr2_gripper_sensor

Update your package and make whatever modifications required and then (don't forget to save them to github and test them with catkin_make compilation)

bloom-release --rosdistro hydro --track hydro pr2_gripper_sensor

For the release URL it will be located at${your_package_name}. For the source URL it is at${your_package_name}. That is all that is required. Following through on how to go through the bloom prompts; use this tutorial.


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