Indigo Checklist

  1. Community survey/data collection
  2. Formulation of release cycle
  3. Release PR2 ROS Packages
  4. Release PR2 Debian packages
  5. Install 14.04 on PR2 servers & Install PR2 Debian packages
  6. Update the PR2 Debian packages
  7. Test PR2 in simulation
  8. Test PR2 in real worl
  9. Run navigation stack on Indigo
  10. Run MoveIt on Indigo and Pick & place examples
  11. Run applications on Indigo (tuck arm & props)
  12. Run autonomous plugin on Indigo
  13. Run sith on Indigo
  14. Run Occulus 2 demo on Indigo
  15. Organize community involvement for Indigo
  16. Decide on new features for PR2
  17. Announce PR2 server for purchase
  18. Announce Kinect 2 backpack for purchase with new server
  19. Announce Force Torque support for Indigo
  20. Integrate new WAP for PR2
  21. Document how to upgrade new modifications
  22. Document how to use new modifications
  23. Document how to install Indigo on PR2
  24. Set up GPG keys for PR2 package repository
  25. Freeze a release candidate for Indigo
  26. Release the PR2 debian packages in testing repository
  27. Release PR2 debian packages in public repository
  28. Find a version of Linux that the old servers work with
  29. Create video of Nav stack running on PR2 Indigo
  30. Discuss new PR2 artwork for PR2 Indigo
  31. Create video of PR2 plugging into wall outlet on PR2 Indigo
  32. Create video of PR2 MoveIt working on Indigo.
  33. Release blog post announcing PR2 Indigo, how to install it, and a video showing it works
  34. Announce to community the new additions to the PR2
  35. Find two beta testers for PR2 Indigo + 14.04 upgrade
  36. Announce PR2 ROS packages and simulation ready for use for Indigo
  37. Announce PR2 installation ready and available for use
  38. Review and publish survey results to community
  39. Decide action plan with community from survey results
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