2. Debugging the PR2's Software

When looking for specific files on the PR2 or any system, or something related to a keyword:


When looking through files, you can use grep to find the lines relative to what you're looking for to save you time

cat | grep /dev/

 Some common techniques for debugging the PR2:

  • Firstly, read the Support Wiki FAQ which has some interesting information. 
  • Understand some common ROS debugging techniques ROS Debugging

Debugging the ethercat network. running the script will present any problems with the ethercat network.
The motorconf function and knowledge of the ethercat_hardware package will also help here.

Debugging the entire PR2 system with pr2-systemcheck.

The pr2-systemcheck function should be run after the command robot stop. It will give you a full diagnosis of the system.

sudo pr2-systemcheck

Using the PR2 motor actuator diagnostic tool to find bugs and to help PR2 users give us a good idea of whats wrong

A good video tutorial can be found here and the official ROS package page here.


These videos presented at the PR2 workshop

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